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Twas the End of the World Cup

Mi ultima contribucion con los amigos del blog Copa Cafe, de Cafe Magazine. Gracias por permitirme ese espacio.


Twas the End of the World Cup

By Gerardo Cárdenas

It’s all over. The gods of fútbol have spoken. South Africa 2010 came and went, leaving us wanting for more. We cried gooooooooooooooooooooooooool!, we suffered, we exploded with joy, we saw more fútbol than we thought we could stomach. Productivity at work plummeted, people got up early in the morning just to watch games. And it’s all gone. Just like that. On Monday, we go back to our normal lives. I know. It’s tough.

To give the World Cup a proper good-bye, I offer you a version of a well-known poem. And I part, my voice muffled as a discarded vuvuzela, thanking my good friends at Café Magazine for having opened their space to my inane ramblings, and for having invited me to share this part of the journey with them. Gracias!

                                      Twas the End of the World Cup


                   Twas the end of the World Cup, and all through Cape Town

                   Not a vuvuzela was blasting, not a fan stuck around.

                   Shakira had danced the last of her numbers;

                   The media had parted and gone was the thunder.

                   The Spaniards have won the coveted trophy,

                   The Dutch were the victims of one Law of Murphy.

                   It was a long and tough match but the gol by Iniesta

                   Made the Dutch men cry, and the Spaniards start a fiesta.

                   The Germans were third scoring a plenty,

                   The Uruguayans were fourth, they were so valiente.

                    The Germans surprised with Muller, Ozil and Khedira

                   The celeste was proud behind Forlán, Suárez and Muslera.

                   A weeping Messi stood by as Argentina got deflated

                   And in spite of his promises Maradona got naked;

                   No one wanted to see it, but the diez couldn’t score,

                   They started so high to end in such a low.

                   Ghana was tough, carrying all of Africa’s hopes

                   But they couldn’t beat Uruguay from the penalty spot.

                   The Ghaneans were fast, and muscular, and smart;

                   We’ll see you in four years as you captured our hearts.

                   Brazil brought the promise of the jogo bonito

                   In the end, I must say, se quedaron cortitos

                    Julio César was great but not so was Luis Fabiano;

                   In the end they all wept, from Kaká to Elano.

                   And we were all impressed, I do have to say

                   With those jolly fellows from old Paraguay.

                   They fought to the end but they lost against Spain,

                   As many of us wished to see them again.

                    Of the rest I will say, we were so sad to see

                   The U.S. depart, and Japan and the tough Portuguese.

                   Korea and England were a flash, we barely knew them

                   And Chile, La Roja, fell a bit short of game.

                   Others departed way too early for lauds

                   Of those I will only South Africa applaud;

                   Mexico, Slovenia, Slovakia, Australia, Greece and Nigeria,

                   Came to play as did Serbia, Denmark, Cameroon and Algeria.

                   Of France, I must say, I shall rather not talk,

                   As they used the “f” word, the one rhyming with walk.

                   They were awful, and nasty, and some went berserk

                   As even their coach behaved like a jerk.

                   And Cristiano Ronaldo, that despicable Port,

                   Was a media darling but he made us snore;

                   As his team couldn’t dance to the Spaniard’s boogie

                   He spat for the camera one execrable loogie.

                   But hurrahs should abound for the best of the best,

                   As Forlán was crowned above all the rest.

                   And he also shared the goal scoring trophy,

                   With Muller, and Villa, and Sneijder the Dutchie.

                   And in spite of bad referees and FIFA denials,

                    We had fun as we reached the heart-stopping finals.

                   And as we leave the South African winter and chill,

                   We’ll be ready in four years to go to Brazil.

                   And we’ll start it all over, the cycle of soccer,

                   Of game galore more exciting than poker.

                   And as the African shores retreat from our sight,

                   Hurrah to the champions, and to all a good night!


Acerca de gerardo1313

Escritor y periodista mexicano. Reside en Chicago. Autor del libro de relatos A veces llovia en Chicago (Ediciones Vocesueltas/Libros Magenta, 2011, ganador del Premio Interamericano Carlos Montemayor 2013), la obra de teatro Blind Spot (Ganadora del Primer Premio Hispano de Dramaturgia de Chicago, 2014, y del Premio Nacional Repertorio Español, 2016, publicada por Literal Publishers en la coleccion (dis) locados, los poemarios En el pais del silencio (2015, Ediciones Oblicuas; y Silencio del tiempo, 2016, Abismos editorial) y la antología Diáspora: Narrativa breve en español de los Estados Unidos, de la que es coordinador y que fue publicada por Vaso Roto Editores en 2017. Ex director editorial de la revista contratiempo.



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